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Edamame Lightly salted soybean pods steamed to perfection - 4.50

Arigato Ball(5)Scallion & cream cheese dumplings - 3.95

Baked Mussels Baked Mussels deliciously topped with spicy mayo and scallions - 5.95

Shumai(Jumbo) Steamed Bite-size dumplings stuffed with shrimp and served with ponzu sauce - 6.25

Gyoza(6) Pan-fried beef and vegetable dumplings - 5.95

Age Dashi Tofu Gentley deep-fried tofu & bonito flakes in a special sauce RAW - 5.95

Beef Negimaki Scallions wrapped in thinly sliced beef, with teriyaki sauce - 8.95

Tempura A soft battered, deep-fried dish served with tempura sauce - 7.95

Yakji Tori Grilled chicken on skewers, marinated in teriyaki sauce - 4.95

Chicken Karaage Deep-fried chicken w/ soy sauce, galic, ginger & egg - 6.95


Ika-Geso Karaage Deep-fried breaded cuttlefish

Soft Shell Crab Lightly battered soft shell crab, gently deep-fried - 8.95

Sushi Assorted sushi (5 pcs) RAW HOT - 8.95

Sashimi Sampler of our freshest raw fish RAW - 9.95

Sunomono Shrimp, octopus, crab, fresh seaweed and cucumber in vinaigrette - 6.95

Iidakko (Tako Nino) Baby octopus (Marinated special sauce) RAW

Maguro Natto Ae Japanes soy bean mixed w/ fresh tuna RAW

Sake Kama Broiled salmon jaw served w/ ponzu sauce RAW

Kaki Freid Breaded freid oysters served w/ tonkasu sauce RAW

Tuna Tataki Sea-Red tuna slightly cooked on the outside. Served with ponzu sauce RAW

Harumaki Shrimp spring roll RAW

Calamari Tempura

Soup & Salads


Miso Soup Soybean soup with scallions, tofu & seaweed - 2.00

Tsunami Soup Mushroom soup w/ deep-fried onlions, scallions & fish cakes - 3.95

Asari Soup Miso soup w/ baby clams, scallions, tofu & seaweed

House Salad Green salad w/ ginger dressing - 4.50

Seaweed Salad Variety of fresh seaweed in sesame oil dressing - 4.50

Calamari Salad Green salad w/ lightly battered & crisp deep-fried calamari in sesame oil dressing - 6.95

Bean Sprout Salad - 3.95



Salmon Salad Grilled salmon & greens in sesame oil dressing - 9.95

Chicken Salad Grilled chicken & green in sasame oil dressing -7.95

Avocado Salad Green salad w/ fresh avocado in wasabi dressing - 5.95

Seaweed & Tuna Salad Variety of fresh seaweed in spicy sesame oil dressing w/ tuna - 10.95

Kani Salad House salad topped w/ strips of crabmeat - 5.95

Ebi Salad House salad topped w/ sweet shrimp sushi

Seafood Salad Assorted sashimi with green salad