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Edamame Lightly salted soybean pods steamed to perfection

Arigato Ball(5)Scallion & cream cheese dumplings

Baked Mussels Baked Mussels deliciously topped with spicy mayo and scallions

Shumai(Jumbo) Steamed Bite-size dumplings stuffed with shrimp and served with ponzu sauce

Gyoza(6) Pan-fried beef and vegetable dumplings

Age Dashi Tofu Gentley deep-fried tofu & bonito flakes in a special sauce RAW

Beef Negimaki Scallions wrapped in thinly sliced beef, with teriyaki sauce

Tempura A soft battered, deep-fried dish served with tempura sauce

Yakji Tori Grilled chicken on skewers, marinated in teriyaki sauce

Chicken Karaage Deep-fried chicken w/ soy sauce, galic, ginger & egg


Ika-Geso Karaage Deep-fried breaded cuttlefish

Soft Shell Crab Lightly battered soft shell crab, gently deep-fried

Sushi Assorted sushi (5 pcs) RAW HOT

Sashimi Sampler of our freshest raw fish RAW

Sunomono Shrimp, octopus, crab, fresh seaweed and cucumber in vinaigrette

Iidakko (Tako Nino) Baby octopus (Marinated special sauce) RAW

Maguro Natto Ae Japanes soy bean mixed w/ fresh tuna RAW

Sake Kama Broiled salmon jaw served w/ ponzu sauce RAW

Kaki Freid Breaded freid oysters served w/ tonkasu sauce RAW

Tuna Tataki Sea-Red tuna slightly cooked on the outside. Served with ponzu sauce RAW

Harumaki Shrimp spring roll RAW

Calamari Tempura

Soup & Salads


Miso Soup Soybean based broth with Wakame, Tofu, and Scallions

Tsunami Soup Mushroom soup w/ deep-fried onlions, scallions & fish cakes

Asari Soup Miso soup w/ baby clams, scallions, tofu & seaweed

House Salad Green salad w/ ginger dressing

Seaweed Salad Variety of fresh seaweed in sesame oil dressing

Calamari Salad Green salad w/ lightly battered & crisp deep-fried calamari in sesame oil dressing

Bean Sprout Salad



Salmon Salad Grilled salmon & greens in sesame oil dressing

Chicken Salad Grilled chicken & green in sasame oil dressing

Avocado Salad Green salad w/ fresh avocado in wasabi dressing

Seaweed & Tuna Salad Variety of fresh seaweed in spicy sesame oil dressing w/ tuna

Kani Salad House salad topped w/ strips of crabmeat

Ebi Salad House salad topped w/ sweet shrimp sushi

Seafood Salad Assorted sashimi with greed salad